Open Call for AIR Program in KYOTO

Baexong Arts wishes that artists all over the world will continue to their works. Therefore we will hold a microresidence in Kyoto. We post application guidelines and ideas on this page. If you have any questions or comments, please contact

About microresidence

  • A person who working in the field of contemporary art
  • We don’t ask to Nationality, age, gender
  • The accommodation place is the Japanese private house of 80 years built in Kyoto
  • Because there is no studio, it is suitable for research rather than production
  • We recommend that you come after you get grant-in-aid (please let me know if you need assistance in document preparation)
  • There is no application period or deadline
  • Please tell me your stay plans, your theme, your career
  • Please see the past article from the AIR tag

About budget

  • Free: accommodation expenses, utility fee
  • Self-pay: flight planes, transportation, food, production costs

What is in the facility

  • Internet optical line, Wifi
  • Simple tool
  • Printer for home use
  • Garden, 2 Japanese rooms, dining room, living room, kitchen, bath, toilet…
  • Kitchen tools, bath products, washing machine, bicycle, hair dryer…

We don’t have those facilities

  • Production studio (If necessary, search for paid / free)


  • 2 to 4 weeks between January and March each year
  • Please let me know if you want other period
  • Up to 4 people (only Family or partner) can stay


  • We will live together for the first one or two weeks and will support production
  • There is a time when there is no staff
  • It is Yumi Song to live together.
  • Co-production is also welcome

Baexong Artsは、世界中のアーティストたちの制作が長く続くのを願い、マイクロレジデンスを開催予定です。 募集要項やアイディアをこのページに随時載せていきます。 質問やご意見がありましたらc@baexong.netにご連絡をください。



  • 無料:滞在費、光熱費
  • 自己負担:飛行機代、交通費、食費、制作費


  • インターネット光回線、Wifi
  • 簡単な工具
  • 家庭用のプリンター
  • 庭、和室2部屋、ダイニングルーム、リビングルーム、キッチン、バス、トイレ
  • 食器類、バス用品、洗濯機、自転車


  • 制作スタジオ(必要な場合、有料/無料で探します)


  • 毎年1月から3月の間の、2週間から4週間
  • 他の時期が希望の場合、お伝えください
  • 4人までの家族の滞在可能


  • 最初の1または2週間は共同生活し、制作のサポートをします
  • スタッフがいない時期もあります
  • 共同生活するのは、Yumi Songです。
  • 共同制作も歓迎です