Baexong Arts
This small institution is to support you continuing your art.

How can we as artists deviate from society, gender and capital, etc.

Garden in Kyoto

This is not a gallery, but holds exhibitions on an irregular basis. Alternatively, exhibitions are organised in cooperation with galleries



In 2016 the artist-in-residence started with a location in Kyoto; from 2024 the residency facility has moved to Tokyo.



We organise reading groups for those of us living in Japan, including books on art and gender that have not been translated into Japanese.

We support the campaign for more articles by female artists and more female editors.



I, Yumi Song launched Bexon Arts Kyoto in January 2016. I set up a studio in Kagurazaka, Tokyo in 2018, moved to Koishikawa and now in Ikebukuro.

I would like to explain the name of this institution, Baexon Arts. In Korea, married couples have separate surnames, but children inherit their father’s name. I was born from my mother and father, so I chose Baexong as the name of this institution, which is a combination of my mother’s surname Baek and my father’s surname Song. Baexong is my father or mother and neither of them. Of course I love my family. That is why I will also question gender and institutions through this institution.

My activities at Baexong Arts vary from curatorial, residency and educational positions, but I am also an outgrowth of all of them. I have socialised this outgrown activity as a legal entity, my partner’s company NOT SO BAD, which gives it a perspective as social sculpture.


Studio in Kagurazaka