About Artist in Residence

Our residency programme started in Kyoto in 2016, but after accepting a two-month residency from abroad, the residency programme was discontinued during Corona, with only short stays of one day to one week by researchers and artists from Japan and abroad.
It is now planned to move the facility to Tokyo in June 2024 and accept artists-in-residence for several months every year.

This residence is old and tiny Japanese residential spaces only and is not equipped with studios or other spaces and facilities for production or galleries for presenting exhibitions.

That’s why we supports artists’ research-based activities. We also work with other institutions in an effort to provide them with art-making opportunities.

Baexong Arts

Tokyo house before renovation, 2024

Upcoming residency artist in Tokyo

Resident artist 2024

Jhonnam Ha

Performance, Installation
Seoul, Korea

Alisa Berger

Installation, Film directore

Aisuke Kondo

Photography, Installation
Berlin, German

Past residency artist in Kyoto

Yishay Garbasz, 2016

Photography, Performance and Installation
Berlin, German

Kishi daisuke.2015

Saitama, Japan

Jong-Soo Lee.2015

Picture book editor
Tokyo, Japan

2016 to 2019, Many researchers and artists stayed for short periods.

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